The Black Tech Symposium

The Black Tech Symposium is a new concept

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The Black Tech Symposium is a new concept – to coalesce all of the nonprofits, employee resource groups, chambers of commerce, government entities, sponsors and allies working together, United, in a given geography to help increase the representation and participation of Black people in tech.

See highlights from the June 14 – 17, 2021 North Texas Black Tech Symposium

  • Open Your Mind Trailer
  • Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson’s Welcome
  • Comedy Keynote from the Imperfect Allies
  • What are Micro-Aggressions – and how to avoid them.
  • What are Micro-Aggressions – and what to do if you face them.
  • Getting into tech through the Delta Path.
  • Fujitsu’s BEING Employee Resource Group
  • What allies are doing to improve diversity – a reporter’s view.
  • Achieving the improbable – from secretary to IBM’s world-wide data center manager
  • Creating a career identity.
  • Succeeding in corporate America as an African-American

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