Increasing the representation
and participation of Black people in tech

The Black Tech Symposium

OCT. 19-21,2021

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JUN. 14-15,2021

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What is The Black Tech Symposium?

The Black Tech Symposium is a new concept – to coalesce all of the nonprofits, employee resource groups, chambers of commerce, government entities, sponsors and allies working together, United, in a given geography to help increase the representation and participation of Black people in tech.






Participating Organizations


Learning Sessions

Selection of Participating Organizations from the greater Philadelphia area for the Philadelphia Symposium are being accepted through September 10, 2021. Contact Karla Hill at with questions, or express your interest through the menu link above.

We are accepting speaking requests from individuals in the greater Philadelphia area in the following speaking tracts: Entrepreneurship, Getting into Tech, Advancing in Tech, Artificial Intelligence. Please indicate your interest in speaking through the menu link above.

Highlights from the June 14 – 17, 2021

North Texas Black Tech Symposium

  • Open Your Mind Trailer
  • Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson’s Welcome
  • Comedy Keynote from the Imperfect Allies
  • What are Micro-Aggressions – and how to avoid them.
  • What are Micro-Aggressions – and what to do if you face them.
  • Getting into tech through the Delta Path.
  • Fujitsu’s BEING Employee Resource Group
  • What allies are doing to improve diversity – a reporter’s view.
  • Achieving the improbable – from secretary to IBM’s world-wide data center manager
  • Creating a career identity.
  • Succeeding in corporate America as an African-American


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